Hope and Marxism: Historical & Theoretical Essays – Ernest Mandel

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Hope and Marxism: Historical & Theoretical Essays
This book collects essays exploring Marxist
theory and history. Most of the texts are newly translated. Essays include historical examinations of Rosa Luxemburg’s place in the German workers movement, the development of the bourgeois state, and of
the roots of Nazi violence.
Other chapters discuss Marx’s notions of progress, alienation
and emancipation, Luxemburg’s views on political economy
and political strategy. Also included are engagements with
Ernst Bloch, analytical Marxism and Althusser, as well as a
pioneering essay on Marxism and ecology.
Together, the texts in this book demonstrate Mandel’s use of an open Marxism to investigate theoretical and
historical problems.
Ernest Mandel (1923-1995) was one of the most prominent
Marxists of the second half of the twentieth century and
a long-time leader of the Fourth International
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A debate with Chris Harman | Preface by Paul Le Blanc
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