Historical Materialism – Bukharin

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Written by Bolshevik philosopher, economist, and statesman Nikolai Bukharin in 1921, Historical Materialism: A System of Sociology was the standard primer on sociology and the historical materialist method in the early Soviet Union. Cosmonaut Press presents this newly typeset edition, based on the authorized translation of the third Russian edition, as part of Cosmonaut Classics, a series intending to reprint classic works from the history of socialist thought, especially those works that are not currently in print in affordable editions, or are only available as poor-quality scans of earlier editions.

Brimming with insightful exposition and fascinating historical detail, Historical Materialism remains relevant to socialists today attempting to make sense of their world, and will be of interest to those looking to gain an understanding of the worldview of the Bolsheviks of this period.

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